The popular pelican

Brown pelican alongside a lake

Brown pelican and snowy egret on driftwood

Brown pelican and a Muscovy duck named Eyebrow

Brown pelican catching fish

There's a new bird on the lake -- a brown pelican now known to me as "Percy." 

Percy's an expert on fish and catches them left and right. You should see all the friends he's made in a very short time. He initially showed up alone but I have since spotted him surrounded by three to four tri-colored herons, three to four snowy egrets, as many as six cormorants and a couple of pie-billed grebes. Even Eyebrow, my little muscovy duck friend was closely studying Percy's fishing techniques.

Off in the distance, you can hear the moorhens laughing at all the commotion that surrounds Percy and his posse. But kidding aside,  I think they all watch each other and learn, and perhaps even help each other. The new pelican visitor seems to have brought a little excitement and enthusiasm to the lake. It's so interesting to watch.