Beware of milkweed sap

Tropical milkweed

To all milkweed growers:

Please take care when handling this beautiful plant, especially when cutting it back. It's so very easy to get a bit of sap on you and then wipe your brow using your shirt or hand and get it into your eye. I say this after spending two hours undergoing emergency eye irrigation ... which is not for the eye-squeamish.

I have never even been able to use eye drops or contacts ... so having a contact lens plopped onto my eyeball -- attached to a tube that flushed water into my eye for two consecutive hours ... was an experience I will not forget anytime soon.

Much as I hate wearing garden gloves, I will definitely be taking more precautions in the future. My vision is just now getting back to normal ... Please spread the word to other milkweed gardeners, so they do not have to ever go through this. 

Thanks : )