UberDucky rules

Muscovy mother and her very large brood

Whenever I see a muscovy mother and her chicks, I always count the fuzzy little heads This morning I went out to the lake and was worried because I saw all of these chicks ... and no Mama Duck. 

But then I heard the mother duck, who's earned he moniker UberDucky. She was on the other side of the lake calling to them --  teaching them, I think, to swim across to her when she called. But they didn't do it quickly enough so she flew back over to them. I guess she will be trying that lesson again later.

For now, she has plenty to keep her busy. The Best Mama Duck on the Planet has apparently picked up a few stray ducks. There are now 21 chicks in her floating crew and they're all looking happy and healthy. So, go UberDucky!