Lucky duck

Muscovy Duck helped by South Florida Wildlife Center

This Muscovy duck has not had a charmed life. I've been seeing her on the lake in our neighborhood since she was a chick. Over the past year or so, she had a nest destroyed, and then built another successful nest ... but lost all seven of her chicks.

Over a week ago, I noticed that she was spending a lot of time sitting beside the lake. Then she got into the water and had a very hard time getting out. When she did, she was dragging one of her legs ... I was worried that she may have contracted botulism poisoning, as ducks sometimes do from lakes at certain times of the year.

I called South Florida Wildlife Center and someone came out (on a Sunday) to have a look at her. Turns out it was a leg injury and not botulism poisoning. She's been in their care for more than a week now. She needed antibiotics and pain medication and then a temporary device of some kind on her foot, which was curling under.

Today they informed me that the duck is now doing fantastic. Tomorrow, we'll pick her up and release her on her home lake. This will be my first car ride with a Muscovy duck. I hope she is glad to be back on her lake. I'm so grateful that South Florida Wildlife Center could help her out. This duck may not have had a charmed life so far, but she's a lucky duck to have gotten the help she needed.