Mischievous cats

Two mischievous cats under a holiday tree

My two favorite kitties— Lil Red Buttons and PBJ — enjoy basking in the lights of their Solstice tree. They love referring to it as a Solstice tree because it's OK to leave those up until around March.

Lil Red Buttons likes to try to eat the lights, at least until the newness wears off, so I'm always conjuring new ways to distract her. Recently, I told her that if she would refrain from eating lights, Salmon Claws and his crew of rein-mice might pay her a visit and bring goodies, like salmon.

She's pretty excited about that. As you can see, she's already watching for Salmon Claws.

PBJ, however, prides herself on not being too gullible. Since she doesn't like to eat lights, however, this is not a concern.