Starlings vs. woodpeckers

The Starling That Stole the Woodpeckers' Nest

The pair of woodpeckers who labored for months to make a hole in this tree for their nest never got to reap the benefits. A group of starlings had been watching their progress and once the project was complete, they quickly moved one of them in to start nesting.

So there's Ms. Starling up there, making glorious otherworldly whistling noises. While I'm happy she has a place to nest .... every time I see her on that tree, all I can think about are those poor woodpeckers, who continue to return to the tree on the occasion, but don't seem to know what to do about the situation.

Bird life, I have learned, is far from easy. They have so many challenges to face every day.

They may be much smaller than us but in some ways they seem so much stronger.