Nature Moment: Big Orange

Big orange iguana at Long Key Natural Area and Nature Center in Davie, FL

Big orange iguana (mosaic filter)

When I go walking at Long Key Natural Area and Nature Center I frequently encounter this big orange iguana, always in the same general area. He's dependable like that.

Unlike many other iguanas, he doesn't seem people-shy. Not that he comes running up to me or anything. He simply looks my way, acknowledges my presence and continues to go about his business. Maybe he has no fear of people, or perhaps he relied on his intuition and wisdom to assess me and correctly determine that I pose no threat. I prefer to think it's the latter because blind trust of humans is probably not a good thing for any animal, including humans.

I'm always happy to see this iguana and even more pleased that he's OK with me watching him go about his business as usual. He's taught me a bit about iguanas, or at least about how he spends part of his days. When I left today, he was sitting along the bank looking out onto the water, after a hearty breakfast of some low-hanging - and then some higher-hanging - fruits off a nearby tree.

Here's a video that tells the story: