After the storm

Yesterday afternoon and evening were devoted to waiting for Matthew, a monster of a hurricane that terrified us with threats before deciding to mercifully spare us. This morning, after a peaceful night sleeping to the soothing sounds of rain and not-so-threatening wind, I emerged from our shuttered -- and now cave-like -- abode and explored the back garden and the lake beyond.

Ducks were swimming, a monarch butterfly had just emerged from a chrysalis and this little dragonfly with mosaic wings was resting on the porterweed in the garden.

Nature is so beautiful and at times, brutal ...and sometimes you never know until the last minute how it will be. The storm that spared us killed many others before us and continues on to more destruction.  Some say Matthew will loop around and come back at us.

What are the chances of that happening? That's a question I frequently ask myself lately and it turns out the chances of seemingly unfathomable things happening are often much greater than I expected.

I sincerely hope to not encounter the threat of Matthew again but just in case, the shutters remain and hopefully that would be enough. Life has no guarantees and times like this remind us that our lives can be as uncertain as that of a small bird when a hawk is perched high on a nearby tree, or a fish swimming near a great blue heron.

This time we got lucky. Enjoy every minute.