Bringing the outdoors in

Nature photography project

Before discarding things, I ask myself whether there's anything better I could do with these items. Often, there is.

I have five square vases that I received flowers in over the years. Though I didn't imagine what I would do with the vases once the flowers died, I couldn't bear to throw them away so I put them it in a high cupboard over the fridge. Recently, I was in cleaning/organization mode and spotted these square glass vases and began thinking about the little pass-through window between the kitchen and the dining nook.

Despite the traditional name of this little window in the wall, I never actually pass anything through it ... but it's nice to have something to see on that little shelf. Having said that, the shelf is between two rooms so if you place things there, you can see the front of the items from one room and the back of them from the other. So not just anything works there.

The square containers, I thought, could be perfect for this space. I sealed one of my nature photos onto each of the four sides, so now I can just turn each of the five cubes occasionally to create different displays. I like the idea of bringing nature indoors.

I can also use the cubes as containers for something ... though I'm not quite sure what yet.