Happy cats in a tree

PBJ (at top) and Lil Red Buttons

The cats are so enjoying their new -- and their very first -- cat tree.

I've always hesitated to buy a cat tree because I've known cats to topple them over, and given the way Lil Red Buttons and her mom race around, I felt sure this would be a bad idea.

But then Lil Red was diagnosed with idiopathic cystitis, which can apparently be sparked by stress. While her life is not stressful, she's more anxious than most cats I know. She's very in tune with her surroundings ... and has a super-sharp sense of sight and hearing. While these qualities makes her a great hunter (if only in the house) they also seem to put her on edge sometimes. It's as if she hears things louder than the rest of us hear them, whether it's the crinkle of a plastic bag, ice being put in a cup or the much-dreaded sound of the vacuum cleaner in another room. She's also a worrier.

Her vet suggested some lifestyle changes that might help make her feel calmer. The recommendations included a special prescription diet, a Feliway diffuser and a cat tree. We've now successfully incorporated all of these things, though scoping out a topple-proof tree sturdy took time. (I'm a worrier, much like Ms. Buttons).

Lil Red's cystitis, which lasted three-four weeks (even with medications), has finally ceased and Lil Red's feeling much better and much calmer.  As you can see, she and PBJ are loving their new tree created by Molly and Friends.