Ducks in a row ... through filters

Someone recently asked me what tools I employ for photo editing etc. The answer is that I use iPhoto (mostly for cropping and rotation) and I occasionally play with Prisma filters.

Filters are of much interest me -- not just the filters we use on photographs but the ones we utilize when seeing things, recalling our memories of moments or events, or listening to the news or chatter that surrounds us and sometimes invades our lives.

I think it's impossible to have visions, recollections or feelings that are not filtered by factors such as our upbringing, our experiences, the beliefs we have formed or even something deep inside that we may not have found a way to communicate yet. I think about these things when playing with photo filters.

The very photo we bring to a filtering tool is already filtered ... because it's what we've chosen to focus on, and from the angle we've chosen to do so and then we drill that vision down even further by choosing from 40-50 prefabricated ways in which to filter it, and then perhaps using other tools to filter it further. 

In keeping with that theme, the photo at the top of this post is the one I brought to a filtering program. The ones below were the versions I selected after trying 45 filters offered by Prisma ... and then I adjusted most of them further in iPhoto and conjured a short statement about each.

Just another day in the life of a duck.

Duck as a stained glass window in the Church of the Muscovy.

"A part of me is missing," said the Muscovy duck upon realizing that he was not half the duck he used to be.

True colors shine through ... always.

Muscovy daydreaming in the rain.

Muscovy alive and well in the land of the vibrant colors.

The watchful eye of the observing Muscovy. 

The statements below the pics are just the thoughts that came to mind as I viewed each of these versions. 

I love playing with filters ... and I love having filters of all kinds, for they allow us to weed out the crap and focus on the things that are most important to us at any given time. Those things can -- and probably should -- change on a regular basis, because balance is important.